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 ( rosy cheeks ), 18 | assistant | s. gomez
18 years old

student, personal assistant

single & hetrosexual

I aim to be lionhearted, but my hands still shake and my voice isn’t quite loud enough.
 Posted on: Nov 18 2016, 03:05 PM

full name: zelda matthews
age: eighteen
nicknames: zel
gender: cis female
pronouns: she + her
height 5'1
face claim: selena gomez
member group: water
occupation: personal assistant to indiana ford & student
past occupations: baby sitter, essay writer,
hometown: seattle, washington
place of birth: seattle, washington
sexual orientation: hetrosexual???
romantic orientation: hetrosexual??
relationship status: in a relationship
current partner: jayden woods

positive traits: benevolent, contrite, intelligent, open minded, sympathetic, tolerant, self aware, reliable, quiet, and tidy.

negative traits: compulsive, cowardly, gullible, impatient, jealous, secretive, timid, obstinate, cautious, and prude.

tw: death

► how did a house so chaotic, insane, and out there come up with a child so calm, intelligent, and focused? that is one of the few questions that comes up in the matthews house. a small, run down house originally supposed to hold maybe four people? it is now holding six with basically no supervision unless you count the pathetic attempts at keeping control by the three oldest.

► being near the oldest in her house - the female grew up with a little more responsibility than the average kid. her childhood mostly consisted of pretending like she was an adult. she should have been born with a brief case. however - it wasn't always like that. her oldest brother, aries, had it under control. he made sure the kids had a roof over their head, a ride to school, and food in her stomach.

► it was more than her alcoholic father who barely lived there anymore or her mother who bounced between mental hospitals and rehab centers had done for them. that was until aries started getting involved in gangs. when zelda was thirteen - he died. the next oldest did his best to step up, and she always did her best to help. even when her mom dropped off another kid.

► zelda was a particularly weird kid. she seemed to be a sponge. she'd just absorb the knowledge around her. she walked, talked and seemed to do everything early. she wanted to figure out puzzles, quizzes, etc. in a family where education wasn't standard - and nobody had graduated college - wanting more knowledge was odd.

► the female quickly started advancing through grades, and skipping. by the advice of aries - she didn't leave high school at thirteen or something. he was worried that she wasn't going to be emotionally there enough to handle everything else. so the female opted out of that. her biggest sadness wasn't being able to leave to a more prestigious college due to having to take care of family.

► right now she had a job working for mr. ford as his personal assistant. she does her best to balance that between her college education. the female was emancipated at sixteen, but it was basically useless. she was with her family all the time anyway. she moved back in two months ago, but isn't always around due to work or school.

► zelda is pretty shy overall. the female has major social anxiety, and finds herself really disliking a lot of social situations. she prefers a few people shes comfortable with. she is always polite when spoken to, but may come off a little awkward or uncomfortable.

► as mentioned - zelda is intelligent. she isn't too braggy about it, and tends to keep it quiet unless something comes up. she gets very frustrated when she doesn't know something, can't get a hold of something, etc. her expertise is more on the stem side of things. she has a hard time understanding why anyone would care for more 'artsy' type stuff. (however - she isn't likely to say that. she isn't rude.)

► zelda is annoyingly cautious. she doesn't do much with out figuring out the risks. the biggest risk she ever has taken is, like, driving. she definitely isn't someone for an adventure. so you wouldn't call her for that. however - you probably could call her for someone to watch a movie with, or read next to.

zelda is a lil precious peach. she grew up in a 'shameless' inspired house hold (i.e a lot of siblings, but with little parental involvement). her oldest brother died in a gang related incident when she was thirteen, and she has stepped up since then. she is a genius, and has lived in seattle her entire life.
it is definitely a struggle to become friends with zelda. she doesn't make them very easily, and tends to be cautious of other people. i'm really down for friendships, but they will be few and far between. she tends to stick with a few people who she really likes rather than having a large circle of countenances.
zelda is definitely a prude. she has definitely had little crushes, but her only relationship has ever been with jayden woods. she has never really thought about her sexuality. one sided crushes, etc are fine.
i'm definitely open to enemies. this could be caused by a few things. zelda tends to be a little dismissive of religious people. she won't verbally tell you to go away, but is less likely to try to make connections with people who she know has a strong religious background. she isn't likely to start fights or be rude, but i'm open to whatever!
people she has tutored, ex-friends of aries (he would have been in his mid-late twenties) etc would be great!
player info
alias: shadia
age: 20
timezone: central
gender: cis female
pronouns: she + her
(m) / smut: yes
triggers: war in detail
contact: queen.shadia @ aim
about you:
21 years old


dating my cat & shrug

She wears darkness as a queen wears a crown: proud, confident, beautiful and above all meant only for her.
 Posted on: Nov 20 2016, 11:07 PM


Your application has been accepted! Please be sure to do all your claims before getting started on Acid!
38 years old

hs english teacher

single & heterosexual

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.
 Posted on: Dec 2 2016, 03:55 PM

he's been teaching in seattle for the last four years! he's working on a master's in english right now, so she might see him around at the university because he teaches some classes at night there.


24 years old


taken & bisexual

I’ll swallow my blood before I swallow my pride.
 Posted on: Dec 4 2016, 12:51 AM

his little princess~
18 years old


taken & heterosexual

he’s got a heart so pure, i bet he has flowers growing between his ribs, and liquid gold running through his veins, i bet his lips taste like the sun’s warmth, and his hands feel like home, he’s a god in human form, but i’ve got a corrupted soul, this dark heart would fade away in his light, and a god shouldn’t fall in love with a devil like me.
 Posted on: Dec 4 2016, 12:59 AM

yaas i need their cute friendship in my life. eli would try his best to make sure that the cameras were away from her and probably sneak her through places to avoid the paps
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