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 likes challenge, challenge 012
yk im the baddest bitch admin around.
19 years old & she/her
 Posted on: Mar 30 2018, 07:23 PM
played by shadia

likes challenge
Y'all ASKED for more challenges so here we are.

Twitter has "had likes private", but are randomly making them public! So we're going to be doing a collection of your characters most scandalous twitter likes!

This is a way to expose your characters thoughts, feelings, and hidden things from their past.

Some ideas include:

  • any type of article that could cause concern ("living with a difficult spouse", etc)
  • shady tweets about celebrities
  • tumblr aesthetic posts
  • posts about love, etc
  • quotes
Some examples of places to find stuff Don't actually go on Twitter and <3 things in order for it to be posted. Send it to me on discord. Just put text as text - I'll put it on an image. Please reach out if you need help finding stuff or you're stuck on what to have be posted. I'd rather spend 10 minutes of my life helping than nothing be posted!

The deadline to get stuff in is the 4th.

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