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 the curse
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 Posted on: Oct 12 2017, 02:26 PM
played by shadia

the curse

THE PLOT Something weird has been happening the last few weeks, and a lot of people aren't really sure why. While Seattle is a very large city - there is a small town called Maysville a few miles out. Maysville is an odd town, with its residents very up in age. People only began to reside in that patch of land after the city of Seattle knocked down several rows of houses to build a highway about fifteen years ago. While nobody really thinks of them on the daily - some people (our older residents 30+) will remember some residents claiming that in 2017 the curse that they had put on the town for driving them out would finally get back at the residents of Seattle. Everyone dismissed them then (and now) as some batty old people.

Well, that was until things started to get weird.

SUMMARY Seattle has had a bunch of weird stuff from ghost sightings, things flying off walls, everyone having a lot of "bad luck", disappearance of objects with no trace, etc.

HOW THE PLOT WILL WORK The plot will work pretty simply! You can have your character mention bad luck, things flying off the walls, etc as you will. You don't have to wait for my instructions or ideas. The only things that aren't allowed are things that are too crazy. Basically - people having full on conversations with Caspar the ghost or being bitten by a vampire. We want to have this scarily supernatural, but not over the top!

BUT Anyone who wants one will get 2-3 big events. Message me the list of your characters that you'd like to do something with. These will be bigger, scarier things that happen! They'll be a total surprise, but you can ask me to change yours if you don't like it!

The only real thing about it is - if you send in three characters then that's great. I'll give you the first characters event. If its never mentioned anywhere/to anyone - I won't bother to send you the second and third. Even if its just a quick message to me saying that your character is DMing with someone about it. I don't want to try to think of stuff for it to get ignored.

But other than that here is a list of general things that could be happening/your character could have noticed.

  • not seeing as many stray animals around
  • the animals they have/animals that are around are acting very funny
  • waking up constantly in the middle of the night for no reason
  • things falling despite there being no reason to
  • coming home to something being shattered
  • feelings of being watched
This will happen until about mid November!

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